Happy Mother’s Day to each and every person who has earned that title by birth or by right!

I’m in a great Mom group on FB that is full of talented Moms who are also blog/business owners, and they started a thread on #WhatMomReallyWants for Mother’s Day. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Sleep
  • An uninterrupted trip to the bathroom
  • Wine
  • The kids only ask Daddy to do something
  • Someone else to do the dishes and laundry
  • Someone else to clean the house
  • A day of silence
  • A few hours of not thinking
  • A hot bath
  • A hot dinner
  • And most importantly, love and appreciation from the family.

Mommies, what did YOU really want for Mother’s Day? And I hope you enjoyed every moment of your special day!


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