Hey Lovely!

Welcome to the first day of a new month and the final quarter of 2018!

If you have been following me for awhile, thanks for sticking with me! I have some more great content planned for the blog and my Instagram as we close out 2018. And If this is your first time at StephThorne.com, welcome! I am a working Mom of a baseball-loving son, and I live my life to see other Moms excelling in their passions. I love playing in beauty and skincare; I travel as much as my day job and wallet will allow; and my favorite holiday is Christmas!

What is Blogtober?

Blogtober is a challenge to create new and original content for your blog (or vlog if you prefer to record videos) every day in the month of October. This is definitely something new for me because I have been intimidated by Blogtober in previous years. But something called me to this year’s challenge, and I am ready to give it my all.

So let’s get ready to buckle in for 31 days of beauty, lifestyle, mom hacks, and Fall themed content!

My Fourth Quarter Goals

In addition to October being a great month to write everyday, this is also a great month to reevaluate my goals. With 90 days left in 2018, I want to make sure I have a plan to finish the year strong, both personally and professionally.

Wouldn’t it feel better to come into the new year with new habits already formed, rather than wait until January 1st to get started?

Soo, here are my top four goals for 4th quarter 2018, along with the reward I am promising myself if I reach each goal.

Goal #1: 30 minutes of exercise everyday

Yep, that means I am planning to close my Apple Watch exercise ring EVERY SINGLE DAY. Which also means I have to actually charge my watch every evening (gasp!).

Reward: The new Apple Watch Series 4. I have had this original Apple Watch for almost three years, and this watch has done well for me. But now I want to take my watch swimming and use the GPS features of the newer versions.

Goal #2: Reduce sweet tea to once a week

I have a wicked sweet tea addiction, and it has really started to take a toll on my skin, my teeth, and my waistline. I realized over this past weekend alone I had consumed SIX sweet teas… yikes! I will be replacing each of those sweet teas with a glass of water, starting today.

Reward: I am allowed one sweet tea per week, so I will have that weekly treat to keep me going when the sugar water craving hits.

Goal #3: Save an extra $2000 and make a debt reduction plan

I have a bit of an emergency fund in my savings account right now, but I want to pad it with about $2000 more dollars just in case. I also want to make a plan to eliminate the rest of my debt by the end of 2019.

Reward: A holiday spa day. If I complete my savings goal by December 15, I will schedule myself a spa day for my day off in late December.

Goal #4: Blog posts twice a week

Once I make it through Blogtober’s daily posts, writing twice a week will be a breeze, right?

Reward: I haven’t decided on a reward for this one yet… what do you think I should do?


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