How I Like to Give a Compliment

Did you know that January 24 is National Compliment Day? Yeah, I didn’t know either until a coworker gave me a warm and genuine compliment this morning. She told me she admired my consistency in encouraging other working Moms to embrace their passions, and I almost cried because I didn’t think anyone was paying attention. So I wanted to share a few different ways I give a compliment when I want to make someone else smile.

I found that giving compliments not only makes the person being complimented feel good, but it also gives ME a happiness boost. I wanted to share the same warm feeling my coworker gave me. But in order to be an effective compliment, I have learned they must come from a GENUINE place. I wouldn’t want to waste my breath or the other person’s time trying to give a compliment that is not straight from the heart.

15 Ways to Give a Compliment

15 Ways to Give a Compliment on National Compliment Day!

Here are my top examples for including a compliment in your day today. Feel free to take these examples and make them your own. And let me know in the comments if you have some additional ideas!

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  1. Give a friend a hug.
  2. Tell a stranger their outfit looks nice.
  3. Thank your coworker for their hard work on a project.
  4. Tell your children something amazing about themselves.
  5. Kiss your partner/spouse.
  6. Tell your Mom and Dad how much their lessons touched you.
  7. Remind your best friend why they make you happy.
  8. Thank a member of the military for their service.
  9. Tell the cashier at the store to have a fantastic day.
  10. Show your partner/spouse that you’re listening to them.
  11. Encourage a small business owner to keep going.
  12. Tell a person walking by that their smile is infectious.
  13. Ask for advice from someone who is talented at a skill.
  14. Congratulate a social media friend on their latest life event.
  15. Tell the next person you see that they are AWESOME!


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