Between my iPad Pro, my lunch, and my change of shoes, I struggled with carrying 2-3 bags to work every single day. And right when I started getting fed up with looking like a bag lady, I saw a Facebook post from an entrepreneur with a solution for the “three bag schelp”.

Meet the MinkeeBlue Shalae Backpack

I can fit my MacBook Pro, my iPad Pro 12.9″ with the smart keyboard, my keys, wallet, makeup bag, chargers, vlogging camera, phone, and the matching lunch box all in this one beautiful bag! On days where I am going to the gym right after work, I can also fit my sneakers and gym clothes into the bottom compartment of the bag.

The backpack comes with a matching insulated lunch bag that fits perfectly into the back compartment.

The bag also comes with a matching shoe bag so your heels don’t get scuffed and your sneakers don’t stink up the rest of the bag.

I love all the gold detailing on the bag, especially the gold feet on the bottom to prevent the bag from getting scuffed when I set it down.

And I especially love this cranberry red color! The flap and trim are leather, and the rest of the bag is waterproof nylon. This is going to make cleaning a breeze, while still having the luxury of the leather trim. But no worries, vegan friends, MinkeeBlue also has a vegan version of their backpack that is just as stunning.

What do you think? Would you use a bag like this for work?

*This is NOT a sponsored post; I just really love this bag and I wanted to share. Hope you like it too!


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