I may have mentioned in my Target travel haul that I work across the street from Target, making it my fave place to get EVERYTHING. While I was perusing the beauty aisles, I found some great products I have now incorporated into my everyday summer routine.

6 New Summer Beauty Must-Haves

I picked most of these products because they were listed as “new” on the Target shelves, and they solved a particular summer beauty issue I was having. Well, maybe except for the lipstick… I just love buying new lip colors. Check them all out, and see what magic they have each added to my beauty rou

1. NYX Professional Soft Matte Cream Lipstick

I love how creamy this lipstick slides on my lips. It’s one of the few matte lip colors that does not crack throughout the day, and it stays on through eating and drinking and kisses. Believe me, I’ve tried. I bought the color 08 São Paulo, which is a beautiful mauve pink, perfect for spring and summer.

2. Fig & Yarrow Orange Blossom Lavendar Complexion Water

This complexion water has not only made me feel like a pampered princess, but also transformed my skin. It feels noticibly softer and less oily when I use it directly after cleansing. The first ingredient is organic aloe vera juice, which naturally moisturizes. I have also sprayed a bit of this in my hair to keep my edges moisturized while my hair is in protective styles. It’s rare that I use an entire bottle of a product because I am usually on to the next thing, but I am almost out of my first bottle of this product and I need to make a Target run for some more. It’s, by far, my favorite product in this haul!

For especially warm days, I place the bottle in the fridge, and I spritz my face (and body) with it to cool down after cleansing.

3. SheaMoisture 100% Pure Argan Oil

I use this product all over, literally. I especially like to use it to remove my makeup before my evening skincare routine, and I pull it through my hair before I do a twist out for a sleek style. This oil is great for fighting frizz in my protective styles too. And I use this on my feet between pedicures to keep my heels soft after I use my favorite foot scrub.

4. Love, Beauty, and Planet Murumuru Butter and Rose Body Wash

This luxurious body wash makes me feel like a princess because I literally finish my shower smelling like roses. And not only does this product lack harmful and harsh ingredients but it also helps save the planet, since the entire packaging is recyclable.

5. St. Ives Cleansing Stick

While this cleanser in no way replaces my LimeLife by Alcone skincare routine, its the perfect product for on-the-go. I leave this stick in my workout bag and use it in the gym shower to wash the sweat and salt off my face after an intense workout. And because it is made with coconut oil, it dissolves the oil and dirt from my face quickly, which is perfect for keeping my gym showers efficient.

6. Secret Fresh-to-Go Deodorant Ball

This small deodorant ball is another perfect gym bag must-have. I love that it is tiny, but effective when on-the-go, and it eliminates the panic I sometimes get when I’m rushing and can’t remember if I put on deodorant. I have no worries because I always have a backup!

What Target beauty finds have you purchased lately?


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