In my post 10 Tips to Get Clear AF Skin, I mentioned that we should all have a regular skincare routine to keep our skin clear and healthy. I wanted to share my routine so you can get some ideas for setting up yours. Check out my IGTV video with a demo of my daily/weekly skincare routine!

The Products I Use for my Oily Skincare Routine

My biggest tip for creating and sticking to your skincare regimen: keep it simple! If you use too many products or add too many steps, you won’t be likely to keep it up consistently. Plus, adding too many products to your routine not only gets expensive, but also irritates your skin. Start with a simple cleanser and moisturizer, preferably from the same skincare line to ensure they work together well. Then add in a weekly mask to treat your specific skin needs, and a serum to help add boosters to your skin.

I chose LimeLife by Alcone for my skincare regimen because I trust their chemical-free ingredients list. Since I have been more aware of the types of ingredients used in my beauty products, I was shocked to see how many expensive beauty brands have essentially the same (cheap) ingredients as their drugstore counterparts. If I was going to pay luxury prices, I wanted quality ingredients, and that’s what I found in LimeLife!

My Fave LimeLife by Alcone Products!

Cleanser: Dream Clean

This amazing cleanser gently foams as a result of its natural fruit extract, Soapberry. This ingredient also combats acne-causing bacteria and inhibits melanin production, reducing the appearance of age spots and sun damage. The Aloe Vera in this cleanser creates a shield to keep moisture in and pollutants out, while Extract of White Tea adds antioxidant benefits and Spirulina Platensis Algae firms skin.

Clay Mask: Masque of Zen

This gentle, acne-fighting mask with Montana Clay, Tea Tree Oil, White Carrot Oil, and Cinnamon Bark, acts simultaneously against all the major causes of skin imbalance. Used regularly it will greatly improve the health of your skin, reduce acne outbreaks, and bring a youthful glow.

Serum/Booster: Sotoks

This ultra-effective serum uses natural ingredients to reduce dark spots, lift sagging skin, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The moisturizing base also works to hydrate and rebalance your dry skin. Use alone or in combination with our moisturizers and facial oils as part of your daily routine.

Moisturizer: Skin Therapy

This rich moisturizer drenches your skin with hydrating ingredients, such as Safflower Oil, Evening Primrose, Pomegranate Sterols, and naturally occurring sugars, while Oat Protein calms and soothes. This rich moisturizer will immediately and visibly restore dry, aged, and inflamed skin.


My Daily/Weekly Oily Skincare Routine


  • In both the morning and evening, I cleanse my face using two drops of Dream Clean on my vibrating facial brush.
  • In the evening, I apply a thin layer of Sotoks Face Serum.
  • Morning and evening, I moisturize with Skin Therapy.


  • After cleansing, I apply a thin layer of Masque of Zen to my entire face and neck, and I let it sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • After the mask has had a chance to set, I steam my face for about five minutes using my facial steamer. Or I will wet a clean washcloth with hot water and place it on my face for about five minutes.
  • I remove my mask gently with a warm, clean washcloth. I follow this with my moisturizer.


I hope this helps you find your own skincare routine. What is your daily/weekly regimen to keep your skin balanced and clear?


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