Steph Thorne, mother and son relaxing and reading while balancing telework and homeschool

Today is the first day I found myself balancing two things I never thought I would experience: telework and homeschool.

My position at work normally has not allowed for telework. And I certainly have not thought about homeschooling, since I obviously wouldn’t be home.

But with our nationwide effort to practice social distancing, my company has engaged maximum telework. And then my son’s school closed for the next two weeks. Which left me one weekend to plan how I was going to juggle my work-from-home tasks with my son’s schoolwork.

How I Prepped for the Week

What started as a simple caption on Instagram, turned into a battle cry for assistance. I got tagged in posts on IG and Facebook for homeschool tips and telework resources to help me get organized.

Best of all, I was added to a Facebook group created by working moms called “Surviving Homeschool“. This group was FULL of other moms in the same situation I was. They shared so many resources to help me set up for this first day.

Stay tuned for my full review of the Surviving Homeschool Facebook group!

Our First Day Balancing Telework and Homeschool

black boy playing games on cool math games on ipad during a telework and homeschool session

We did pretty well, all things considered. I put on a Spotify playlist with songs we both like, and I sat at my desk while he chilled on the couch with a lap desk.

BTW- the lap desk was a hit! And I got it for cheap on Amazon.

Here is a snippet of our schedule for the day:

  • 7:30a- Breakfast/ free time
  • 8:30a- Telework begins
  • 9:30a- TJ starts schoolwork (Math and Reading)
  • 11:30a- TJ’s lunch
  • 12:00p- My lunch
  • 1:00p- Resume telework/ TJ plays outside
  • 1:30p- TJ resumes schoolwork (Science and educational screen time)
  • 2:30p- DEAM- Drop Everything And Move!
  • 3:30p- TJ finishes work/ free time
  • 5:00p- Telework ends/ start dinner
  • 6:30p- Dinnertime!

On this first day, I finished the dishes and cleanup by 8pm. And I was happy to be able to put my feet up for a few minutes and appreciate our productivity for the day.

woman relaxing after balancing telework and homeschool wearing black Edify leggings with pink and black Victoria Secret slippers

Telework and Homeschool Resources

Check out some of the websites and lists I used to get ready for this first day of telework and homeschool. I can’t wait to keep adding to the list, as I find more!

Scholastic “Learn at Home”– Scholastic, the leader in grade school reading resources (and my favorite book fair when I was a kid), has launched a learn at home website with books and videos for reading levels Pre-K to 6th grade.

Cool Math Games– My son actually told me about this site, since his school uses it during their computer time. He loves that it feels like a video game, and I love that he keeps up with his math skills.

150+ Enrichment Activities while Parents are Working Remotely– I was excited to go through this list of activities and pick a few that we can use. And it worked out perfectly when TJ raced through the work I had scheduled for him today.


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