In episode 7 of Busy Mom Beauty, we are talking about how to use your Sunday to be more productive for the rest of the week. You can download my FREE Sunday Checklist to get a head start on making your Sunday more productive!

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  • Sunday Checklist– This free download gives you the tasks I check off every Sunday to make my week more productive!
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Working on My Productivity

I know that I tend to procrastinate on projects and activities that either scare me or I dread doing. And sometimes procrastination is not just sitting on the couch watching Netflix. I find that I make myself “busy” in an effort to procrastinate on the project I really need to get done.

For example, yesterday, I was supposed to wash the dishes. This is my least favorite chore, and I will do just about anything to avoid it. So I decided to reorganize my kitchen cabinets. And while that ended up being a great organizational win, it was not productive for what I needed to get done, and it made my dinner preparations longer because after an hour of cabinet reorganization, I STILL didn’t have any clean dishes for cooking.

How to Use Your Sunday Checklist to be More Productive

So how do I overcome that procrastination in order to have a more productive week? If I had it my way, I would have ten tabs open on the computer and jump back and forth on each of the tabs every time I get bored. But I would never finish anything that way.

To combat that, I started using my Sunday Checklist, and I committed to myself that I would only work on one task at a time.

You can also find some of these tips in my list of ways to looked pulled together in 10 minutes or less.

My Sunday Checklist

Clear out my inbox

I am one of those people with tens of thousands of unread emails in my inbox, and I know it frustrates other people when they see my phone and the number in the corner says 22,000+. I knew that was too many to clean up, so I just started another email account that I use for blogging and business, and I make sure I have flagged or followed up with every email in that account by Sunday evening so I can start the week fresh.

Plan my wardrobe

I pick out my work outfits for the week on Sunday night, and then launder any items that are part of the outfit that are dirty. This makes my mornings so easy, and I feel so much more put together because I had time to think about my wardrobe choices ahead of time.

I also use a capsule wardrobe, where my articles of clothing were chosen to match multiple pieces. So I can wear my black dress slacks with a cream top, and then pair them again later in the week with a shell and blazer. This helps me minimize the space in my room so it’s easier to keep my room clutter-free.

Clear out my purse

I have easily gone weeks carrying around a purse full of junk: old receipts, too many lipsticks, snack bags, children’s toys, etc. Not only does it weigh your purse down and kill your shoulders, but it also makes it next to impossible to find anything in your bag when you need it. And I hate being that Mom holding up the line because I have to sift through all the junk in my purse to find my wallet. So I take a few minutes to clear out any unnecessary items, file receipts, and organize the contents of my purse so I know where everything is.

Clean out my refrigerator and prep my trash

I don’t do a full cleaning of the fridge every week. Usually, I start by checking for the items that are old or expired, and toss them. I make sure to put a date on meal prepped items so I can know when to throw them out. Then I wash the containers to get ready for the upcoming week’s meal prepping. After that, I clean out the trash cans in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Plan my meals/lunches and grocery shop

While I am in the kitchen, I start thinking about what we already have available in the fridge and cabinets for meals for the upcoming week, and I start to plan my grocery list from that inventory. I will tell you, I struggle the most with meal planning and prepping, so none of this is habit for me yet.

In episodes 3 and 4 I talk A LOT about how I am trying to organize my grocery list and maximize my food budget, so take a listen to those episodes for more tips on grocery planning.

20 minutes of clean up

With a three story town home, there is no way I could deep clean my entire house on Sundays. So I dedicate 20 minutes to a quick decluttering in the main living areas of the house. I wipe down the kitchen countertops and pick up random items from the living room and family room. Then I clear off my desk, and sort out any mail.

I also make sure to put anything I will need for Monday morning in it’s designated place. My purse and keys go on the designated hook by the door. I remind my son to put his backpack on his hook in his room. And I line up our shoes on the living room wall.

Review my budget

Get more from your money eBook

Every Sunday I review the family budget to make sure we are on track for the month. I pay any upcoming bills and schedule out any new bills that have due dates. I check how much money is left in each budget line item, and I adjust my spending accordingly.

This is a great check-in time to hold myself and the entire family accountable to our financial goals.

For 140+ practical money tips to help you save money faster, download the FREE eBook: Get More from Your Money

Read for 30 minutes

I could really spend my whole day reading, but I tend to favor romantic fiction and other fun, light reading. But for this time slot I focus on personal development reading or articles to practice and advance a skill. I try to be intentional in my reading and learning for these full 30 minutes.

This week I am reading the book Replenish: Experience Radiant Calm and True Vitality in Your Everyday Life by Lisa Grace Byrne.

If you are interested in getting this book, check out The Ultimate Productivity Bundle! This bundle includes 46 amazing resources to increase your productivity!

Set my alarm

I use my phone to set my alarm to get up in the morning. As an added “wake up” I set my Google Home Hub to wake me up in the morning as well.

Write out my to-do list

This is my favorite relaxation exercise. I spend 30 minutes writing out EVERYTHING I need to get done for the week (or month). Then, I assign each item a priority level and due date. I sleep better knowing I have everything written down.

What are your tasks to add to a Sunday checklist?

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