I had been looking into getting teeth aligners (braces) for quite some time, so when the Smile Direct Club SmileShop dropped into my inbox, I took it as a sign that I needed to pursue it.

Smile Direct Club SmileShop

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My Smile Story

At about ten years old, my dentist told my mom that I would probably need braces to correct my slight gaps between my side teeth and crowding in my front teeth. At that time, Invisalign had just been introduced, and it cost WAY more than traditional braces.

I never consciously knew the financial state Mom and I were in. But I knew she paid to put me through Catholic school. And I knew she took on all the bills by herself. She wouldn’t be able to afford any type of aligners. So I told her I didn’t want or need them.

Fast forward 20 years, and now as an adult, I can see where a bit of correcting could make my big smile even better.

I love to smile. You can always find me giving a huge mega-watt grin every time I get a chance. And now, as an adult, I have the means to get the correction I need to keep smiling.

I also want my son to know that we are financially secure enough to afford braces or aligners, should he ever need them. But right now, it’s a struggle to get him just to go in for a cleaning. 

What is a Smile Direct Club SmileShop

Smile Direct Club is a (mostly) online teeth aligning company that makes straightening more accessible and affordable. They have been around for awhile, and their claim to fame is their ability to conduct all your teeth straightening business online.

In the original Smile Direct Club model, the customer receives a mold kit and takes their own mold of their teeth. They mail the mold back, and Smile Direct Club makes the clear aligners based on the mold.

I can see where a normal person like me could mess this process up and delay my teeth straightening because I have to keep sending back molds.

With a Smile Direct Club SmileShop appointment, I eliminated all that.

All I had to do was make an appointment online for a local SmileShop in my area.

Book a free visit at a SmileShop near you.

My Smile Direct Club SmileShop Experience

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I arrived at the Smile Direct Club SmileShop in a CVS about 15 minutes from home. I had a 10am appointment, and I was the first one of the day.

Helen signed me in on an iPad Pro (fancy!) and confirmed my personal information. Then she explained the process to me, showed me an example of the box that would come in the mail, and answered all of my questions.

After that, she took “before” photos while I had this mouth expander under my gums. Helen explained that I would take my own progress photos and upload them to their website.

Then she proceeded with the scan!

It only took about 5 minutes of Helen moving the wand around in my mouth to create a 3D scan of my teeth. That’s when I realized just how much I needed some alignment!

My finished scan!

If you’re interested in trying a Smile Direct Club SmileShop scan, here’s how you can book a free visit!

Once the scan was complete, Helen asked me if I had any additional questions. Then she gave me a free teeth whitening kit and some lip balm! I was in and out in less than 40 minutes. It probably would have been even shorter, but I like to talk!

When I arrived home, I had another surprise. Smile Direct Club generously offered $100 off our aligners!

It takes about six weeks for an orthodontist to review the scans and the company to create my first set of invisible aligners. And the entire alignment process will take six months to see full results.

I will give you updates and an unboxing once my first box arrives.

What do you think? Would you trust an online company to straighten your teeth?


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