Merry Christmas! I wanted to show you my simple holiday makeup look before the end of the day. I pulled this quick to look together so I could spend more time enjoying the holidays and less time worried about getting ready.

How I Achieved my Simple Holiday Makeup Look

I started the look with lining and shading my eyebrows using both a brow pencil and pomade.

Then on the back of my hand, I mixed my cream foundation with a glow lotion to make my own customized medium coverage dewy foundation. I dotted the foundation on my forehead, cheeks, and chin, and then I buffed it into my skin using a flat buffer brush.

Next, I added some definition to my face by brushing a warm bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks and around my hairline. Then I highlighted the tops of my cheekbones, my brow bone, and the bridge of my nose with an incredibly pigmented highlight.

Now for the star of the show! I applied my bold red lipstick by lining my lips and then filling them in with a coordinated lip liner and lipstick.

Finally, I added faux mink strip eyelashes to make my eyes pop! But if you aren’t comfortable with that, you can also finish the look with two coats of your favorite mascara, instead.

Tip for long lasting makeup: I didn’t include this in the video, but if you want your makeup to last through the entire even, I suggest spraying with a nice setting spray.

Products featured in this look:

What do you think? What is your “go-to” simple holiday makeup look when you’re attending a festive function?


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