In Episode 4 of Busy Mom Beauty, we continue the conversation from last week about saving and managing money while still having a fun life. We take a peek into Dave Ramsey budgeting through Financial Peace University and the advantages of living debt-free.

How to Save Money in 2019 - Dave Ramsey Budgeting with Ash'Leigh Gunn

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Meet our Guest: Ash’Leigh Gunn

Ash'Leigh Gunn influencer and mother following Dave Ramsey budgeting tips

Our guest for this week is Ash’Leigh Gunn, Washington DC Lifestyle influencer, wife and mom of two- helping to make your life easier by sharing everything you need to know about marriage, motherhood, home and debt free living.

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Take control of your family's finances.

Dave Ramsey Budgeting Tips

Learn more about Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University!

Budget to Zero

I used to think a budget meant I could list out my bills and expenses for the month, and then the leftover money was just free and open spending money.

But Dave Ramsey teaches that EVERY PENNY should have a predetermined place to go. So once all the bills are paid, all that extra money needs to go toward a line item, until you’re down to zero.

Tell Your Money Where to Go – And Stick To It

Once you have budgeted every penny of your income, your discipline kicks in, because now you need to stick to it! Pay your bills on time, transfer to savings, snowball your debt, and fill your sinking funds. That’s the only way to stay on track.

Even More Tips from Ash’Leigh!

Ash’Leigh gave me a pep talk to reduce my grocery shopping bill with these three tips:

  • Make a meal plan before you go to the grocery store. Then, only write out the ingredients you need, after checking your fridge and pantry first.
  • Try a discount grocery store like Aldi’s to pick up items that are just as good, but without the extra price point.
  • Keep your calculator out and handy as you shop, so you know exactly what your shopping trip will cost you and you can stay under your budget for the week.
Pay off debt. Budget like a boss. Reach your financial goals.

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