In episode 3 of the Busy Mom Beauty Show, we talk about how to save money and manage your expenses to meet all your financial goals in 2019.

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My Tips to Save Money

How to Save Money in 2019

Pay Yourself First – 10%

Before paying any bills or expenses, take 10% of your check and transfer it to savings. This will get you in the habit of actively saving money, and it will remind you to live below your means.

Plan Your Meals in Advance

I struggle so much with the discipline to meal plan in advance. But when I start calculating how much money I spend on unplanned trips to the grocery store, or eating out, I committed to fix my poor habits.

I am working on planning my family’s dinners and making enough for leftovers to take for lunch. This change could literally slash my food bill in half!

Commit to a “No Spend” Month

For January, I am in the midst of a “no-spend”, or a financial diet. During this time, I would not make any purchases that are not already required by my budget. I had one slip-up so far, but I am back on track to finish the month.

Unsubscribe from Store Emails

One easy was to help with a no-spend is to unsubscribe from all the retail store emails that clog up your inbox. That way, you can remove the temptation to purchase items just because they are on sale.

More Ways to Save Money in Next Week’s Episode

Stay tuned for next week’s episode of The Busy Mom Beauty Show for some more great tips for meeting your money goals in 2019. And I will interview a special guest, Ash’Leigh Gunn, to talk about savings, finances, and juggling a family budget.

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