Last night I broke one of the biggest rules for skincare and makeup: I went to sleep in makeup!

When you sleep in makeup, not only does the makeup clog your pores, but it also breeds bacteria on your face, making it even harder to avoid breakouts.

Luckily this isn’t something I do too often, but on the few occasions that it happens, I have a plan to minimize the damage.

Check out my IGTV video to see my morning routine to pamper my skin after sleeping in my makeup.

I use the double cleansing method when I need to remove heavy makeup or mistakenly sleep in makeup overnight. This method helps dissolve dirt and oil, while also opening my pores to ensure I get a deep clean from all the makeup and dirt that has been pressed into my pores overnight.

steph thorne sleeping in makeup

I started by wiping away the surface makeup with a makeup remover wipe, and then I moved to an oil cleansing. Yep, you heard that correctly– I cleansed my skin with oil. What the oil actually does is help dissolve and break down the oil, dirt, and makeup on your skin, making it much easier to get the buildup of nastiness from your pores.

Check out my full oily skincare routine for more information on my daily skincare.

I use one part Jamaican Black Castor Oil to two parts Virgin Coconut Oil, and I mix them in my hands before slathering it on my face. Then I give myself a nice, long face massage. 

Once I have worked the oil into my skin for about 2-3 minutes, I wet a clean washcloth with hot water and press it to my face to allow the steam to open my pores. Then I wipe the oily away gently, using an up and out motion.


I cleanse again immediately after that, this time with a gel cleanser that has a hint of natural foaming ingredients. I wash my face as normal, circling in an upward motion, and then I rinse with warm water.

I finished with a super thick moisturizer to make sure I replace any moisture or oils I stripped from my double cleansing. 

Selfies at work after pampering my skin that morning. I’m working hard to get my clear skin back.

When I finished this routine, I decided to give my face a break from makeup. I went bare faced to work that day, except for a swipe of lipstick, and I let my face breathe.

My biggest recommendation to avoid sleeping in makeup? Leave a pack of makeup remover wipes by your bed to make it easy to wipe off your makeup before bed. 

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready, right?

What do you do when you have to do an emergency pampering session?


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