I have been looking at trying iFly Indoor Skydiving for awhile but the closest one was over an hour away and I just never made the time. But they recently opened one in Gaithersburg (only about 30 minutes) so I decided to check it out.

I made reservations online and the process was quick and painless. And on the day of my appointment, I arrived almost two hours early. Not only was the staff friendly and helpful, they also bumped me up to an earlier time!

Let me take a moment right now to let you know I am ridiculously afraid of heights, but I love adrenaline-pumping experiences. I don’t know what made me think this was a good idea, because I get super nervous, but now that it’s over, I’m incredibly glad I did it!

If it’s your first time, plan to spend the first 30-40 minutes or so picking up your gear, stowing your valuables in the lockers, and taking a short safety class. Then you and your class go into the tunnel with your instructor!

I was glad to have the earlier time, because it reduced the time I had to freak out about it. And there were twin eight year olds in my class, so I had to at least pretend to be more pulled together than they were.

I thought I was going to struggle with remembering all the hand signals and instructions, but it all came together pretty easily when I stepped into the wind tunnel. And don’t worry– the instructor is right there to make sure you don’t fly into the glass.

What to Wear for iFly Indoor Skydiving

The only requirements for clothing from the iFly website are lace-up, closed toe shoes.

I would add the following:

  • Don’t wear too much jewelry, because you will have to take most of it off before going into the wind tunnel. My stud earrings were ok because the helmet would cover it, but I had to wear a glove on my hand because my fingers have gotten too thick to get the ring off (I’m working on it!).
  • Wear a supportive bra or sports bra because that wind is STRONG, and you want your girls to feel secure.
  • Don’t wear a dress. As you can see from my photos, everyone gets issued a jumpsuit, and even though it is pretty baggy, I still think it would be uncomfortable to have a dress bunched up in there.

Other than that, wear what you like and stay comfortable! And most of all– HAVE FUN!

I can’t wait to schedule my next flight! Would you try iFly Indoor Skydiving?


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