It’s the month to get passionate about pink, right?

I love how so many companies and brands embrace the fight for breast cancer awareness and research during the month of October. Everyone from professional sports players to celebrities find a way to incorporate pink into their lives this month. And while I don’t have millions (or even thousands) of dollars to donate to charity, I thought I would show you a peek into the organization I support for breast cancer awareness.

GTGC HEA HU 5K Breast Cancer Walk

My social organization has hosted a 5K Breast Cancer Walk for the past 16 years in Washington, DC, with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Howard University Cancer Center. We chose the Cancer Center at HU because our organization is predominantly black and based in DC; we wanted to aide the community in which we identify and reside. 

Today, we led a Zumba class, before walking around the neighborhood to the front entrance of HU’s Cancer Center, where we made our symbolic presentation.

What I love most about this effort is that we raise funds all year long, not just in October. Last year we raised $10,000 and we are on track to meet that goal again this year. But for now, the check remains blank, and we will continue our fundraising until December, when we will present the final check at our annual conference.

Do you do anything special for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? What other cancer or disease awareness movements do you support?


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