If you have been following my IG stories, you know I am SUPER EXCITED to attend The Momference this year. This is the second year of the event, and I can’t wait to take you with me. Keep reading for some of the fun things I am doing as I am getting ready to attend the Momference 2019!

What is The Momference™?

The Momference™ is the premiere, one-day conference for motivated, magical moms of color boasting regionally and nationally acclaimed mom influencers, panels, celebrity keynote, workshops, vendors and top-tier, multi-cultural focused products. The Momference™ champions all things FUBU (For Us, By Us) and #BlackMomMagic

-The Momference™ About Page

Leading up to The Momference™

I got up *early* on a cool March morning to purchase my ticket to this event. Last year, the tickets sold out before I could include it in my budget. But this year, I came prepared! I had my registration fingers (and debit card) ready to go when the tickets went on sale.

I chose this conference because it’s the perfect blend of high-energy motivation and low-key relaxation. And logistically, the venue is only about 20 minutes from my house. I still booked a hotel room for Saturday night so I could have a “Mommy me-time” night to absorb all of the amazing conference take-aways.

This year, the creators announced “Give, Grow, Glow” as the theme of the event.

  • Give– showing our love of giving back to the community
  • Grow– building our strengths to advance our passions
  • Glow– pampering our mind and body to keep being amazing!

Most importantly, I am excited for these keynote speakers!

So, how am I getting ready to attend the Momference?

First of all, if my own excitement isn’t enough to get everyone pumped for this event, check out @themomference IG Stories for even more event prep! They are so lit, even Moms who AREN’T attending the Momference are showing their excitement.

Here is what I have packed in my purse:

what's in my bag when getting ready to attend the momference
  1. My favorite water bottle to stay hydrated.
  2. A short lightning charger and portable battery packs so my phone won’t die while I take all these photos and videos
  3. A notebook and pen to take down all the ideas and motivation from the speakers and workshops.
  4. My hand grip to stabilize my phone while recording.
  5. One of my favorite lip colors from Makeup for Melanin Girls called Raw.
  6. My new business cards and card holder.

I also have a stash of gum to throw in my purse. Not only will this be a perfect breath freshener, but I also use gum as an ice breaker when I meet new people. I start up a conversation with the people around me by offering a piece of gum (or candy, if I have it).

If you are at an event that has a lot of photo ops, you can also offer to take a photo for someone. And usually, they will offer to take your photo as well. This way, you get an automatic photographer for the rest of the event. And you have something in common to talk about!

For more networking tips, check out my post about attending a networking event solo.

Do you have any events coming up? What are biggest tips for attending conferences and networking events?


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