Today is October 5, which is National “Do Something Nice Day”! 

While most of us don’t need a special day to do something nice for someone, I love seeing holidays geared toward selfless acts. Today is similar to February 17, when we usually celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day.

Turning on the news lately has become a nightmare; I can barely stand hearing the stories of violence, selfishness, and greed. So I smiled when I realized today was an opportunity bring a sliver of joy and kindness to the world.


What would it be like to see a person helping someone for no other reason than they want to spread kindness? That type of positive action is contagious! I watched this short video from Life Vest Inside this morning, and I cried thinking about how a small act of kindness can change someone else’s outlook on life.

How Do We Celebrate “National Do Something Nice” Day?

It seems pretty straight forward, right? You just have to do something nice for someone (or even for yourself). But because I like lists, I pulled together 20 actions that won’t cost you a lot of money, but will make someone else’s day today!

  1. Leave a kind or encouraging note on your coworker’s desk
  2. Put some money on a random meter that is about to expire
  3. Give up your seat on the subway or bus
  4. Leave an extra generous tip at a restaurant
  5. Give a stranger a compliment
  6. Pick up a piece of trash that missed the trashcan
  7. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-through
  8. Find a local blood drive and donate
  9. Offer your talents for free to someone in need
  10. Volunteer at a local charity
  11. Leave a nice bottle of lotion in the bathroom at work
  12. Stick a note of encouragement into a self-help book at the store
  13. Donate used books to a charity or community center
  14. Open the door for someone and give them a smile
  15. Call or text a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile
  16. Share your friend or family member’s business information
  17. Send a thank you note to a service person (police, firefighter, military)
  18. Save your soda pop tabs for a children’s hospital
  19. Leave a sticky note in a public place that says “You are amazing!”
  20. Do something nice for yourself– we have to be kind to ourselves too!

PS. — If you like lists, feel free to check out my Fall Bucket List, for ideas to enjoy these crisp autumn months!


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