Today, Royal Caribbean officially opened “Perfect Day at CocoCay”- a $250 million dollar renovation of their private island in the Bahamas. With that expensive revamp, the cruise line added some amazing features to keep cruisers entertained, but some cost more than your initial cruise fare. Does that mean we have to shell out MORE money to enjoy the island? NOPE! I found five FREE Perfect Day at CocoCay activities that will enhance your cruise vacation!

For clarity, when I mention that an activity is “free,” it means the activity is included with your cruise fare.

Free Perfect Day at CocoCay
Map of Perfect Day at CocoCay | Photo Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

My 5 Favorite Free Perfect Day at CocoCay Activities

Check out my list of the top five ways to enjoy your day at Royal Caribbean’s private Bahamas island, Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Navigation tip: when you visit CocoCay, remember your directions by saying, “right is THRILL, left is CHILL”. For example, when you pass through the entrance, head to the right if you are looking for thrill rides and high energy excursions. But if you want to relax and enjoy a laid-back day on the island, saunter to the left.

Beach Day at Chill Island Beach

Want to spend the entire day lounging on the beach? You need to head to Chill Island Beach and grab a free towel and lounge chair in the sand. This section of the renovation brings you the best of the original island feel, with some amazing upgrades that make your beach time a perfect day.

Experience warm white sand and clear blue water for your chance to make sand castles, go swimming in the ocean, or just soak up the Bahamas rays in your lounger.

Relax at the Oasis Lagoon Pool

Oasis Lagoon Pool
Oasis Lagoon Pool | Image Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

The Oasis Lagoon Pool is the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean. It includes a sloping entrance for those who prefer shallower depths, and there are three separate islands within the lagoon pool for lounging. Then grab a drink at the Oasis Lagoon’s biggest attraction— a swim up bar with water seating.

Eat Lunch at Skipper’s Grill or Chill Grill

Imagine a cross between the Windjammer Cafe and a summer beach BBQ— that’s what you will get from both Skipper’s Grill and the Chill Grill. And you don’t have to worry about paying for anything, because both of these eateries are free!

Play at Splashaway Bay

The Splashaway Bay at CocoCay is a bigger version of the children’s water park section at the pool on many of the Royal Caribbean ships. Entertain the little ones in the water with water cannons, water slides, and splash buckets. But the max height is 42 inches, so Splashaway Bay is best suited toward your toddler and kindergarten age children.

Explore Captain Jill’s Galleon

Free Perfect Day at CocoCay Activities: Captain Jill’s Galleon | Royal Caribbean
Captain Jill’s Galleon | Image Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Captain Jill’s Galleon is a shipwrecked water adventure for children of every age. Located right passed the entrance of the island, this is the perfect place to run and play in the water without having to walk very far.

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What other Perfect Day at CocoCay amenities are free?

In addition to these great options, the new renovations at Perfect Day at CocoCay offer free freshwater showers, changing rooms, beach loungers, and beach towels for your use. And a free tram service circles the island to drop you off at different attractions around the island.

Full list of free perfect day at CocoCay activities
Full list of free Perfect Day at CocoCay activities courtesy of Royal Caribbean

What are you planning to try at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

My family and I travel to CocoCay on the Anthem of the Seas in March 2020. We plan to take advantage of as many free activities as we can. I am especially looking forward to a classic beach day at Chill Island Beach. But I can’t lie, I really want to try the Up, Up, and Away Observation Balloon, which costs extra. Stay tuned, and I will share my follow up post— 3 Excursions I’m Willing to Pay For at CocoCay.

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