Happy First Day of Spring! While most people think about flowers and warmer weather, I am usually the one saying,” Dang, now I need to shave my legs!” So I thought I would share some of my favorite shaving tips to get your spring started on the right foot (or maybe I should say leg, haha).

My 3 Easy Shaving Tips


Exfoliate Right Before Shaving

Even though the process of shaving is, in itself, an exfoliation, giving your skin a gentle scrub before you shave helps the razor glide over your skin smoothly. Plus, the initial scrub removes any oil or dirt that can get caught in the blades or in your pores.

I know I used to get “strawberry legs” (or dark pores) because the excess oil and dirt would get stuck in my pores. I learned I had to make sure I got rid of that excess oil and dirt BEFORE my shave so I don’t end up pressing it deeper into my skin. Ewww!

I suggest using a gentle scrub for the best results so you don’t irritate your skin. My favorite is the Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub. I use about a quarter size amount, per leg, and I give myself a gentle scrub before shaving. And my legs feel so smooth I can’t stop touching them!

Use Warm or Hot Water

Warm water calms your skin and softens you hair, making it easier glide over your skin as you are shaving. I have also noticed I get rid of more dirt and oil when I use hot water to exfoliate and shave.

Easy Shaving Tips for Smooth Skin Steph Thorne black woman shaving legs

Use a Fresh Razor with at Least Three Blades

Now that you have exfoliated your legs, choose your favorite razor, preferably with a triple blade.

Can I tell you a secret? For YEARS, I used a men’s razor, because they were cheaper and I wasn’t going to give “the pink tax” my money. But I recently switched over to a “girly” razor for two reasons. One, I wanted something much more convenient than disposable razors. And two, I fell in love with the way one particular brand’s razor head worked for my body.

I now use the Gillette Venus Comfort Glide White Tea razor. Not only do I get to keep my favorite handle and just switch out the head, but I also don’t have to worry about shaving cream. The head of the razor is surrounded by white tea moisture bars that glide effortlessly up my leg.

I now get my razor heads in a subscription box called Venus Direct. This program lets me choose my razor head combo, and then set it to send me refills based on my shaving frequency. Which, if you can’t tell, was non-existent during the winter.

What are Your Best Shaving Tips?

Let me know what keeps your legs gloriously smooth all spring and summer! And if you are looking for even more skincare tips, check out my 10 Tips for Clear AF Skin!


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