3 Easy Shaving Tips for Gloriously Smooth Legs

Happy First Day of Spring! While most people think about flowers and warmer weather, I am usually the one saying,” Dang, now I need to shave my legs!” So I thought I would share some of my favorite shaving tips to get your spring started on the right foot (or maybe I should say leg, […]

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How I Pamper My Skin After I Sleep in Makeup

Last night I broke one of the biggest rules for skincare and makeup: I went to sleep in makeup! When you sleep in makeup, not only does the makeup clog your pores, but it also breeds bacteria on your face, making it even harder to avoid breakouts. Luckily this isn’t something I do too often, […]

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My 5 New Beauty Favorites for October

In my shopping travels this month, I have picked up some new faves to add to my beauty collection. Some of them I tried for the first time and fell in love instantly, while others are long-time favorites that I needed to restock for the new season.

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The Dynamic by Danessa Myricks Collection is HERE!

danessa myricks collection is here!

I am so excited to write this post because Danessa Myricks has long been one of my favorite celebrity make up artists!  In all my love of makeup, from high end to drugstore, I never quite understood why I was purchasing the last and deepest foundation or concealer color in a line of products. I […]

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Video: My Oily Skincare Routine

In my post 10 Tips to Get Clear AF Skin, I mentioned that we should all have a regular skincare routine to keep our skin clear and healthy. I wanted to share my routine so you can get some ideas for setting up yours. Check out my IGTV video with a demo of my daily/weekly […]

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