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6 Business Books on my Summer Reading List

It’s summertime, which is a great opportunity for a new book list! I have some exciting new business books to add to my reading list for the summer. From finance to social media, I needed a variety of options to keep me up-to-date on the latest in the business and entrepreneurship world. 

Quick personal story: I love to read. I could read all day, every day, if I could. My screen time reports on my iPhone show the Kindle app open for an average of 8-9 hours a day. And those should really be my 8-9 hours of sleep.

But I definitely need to work on implementation. I can read books all day long, and even take notes on ideas that are helpful for my blog and business. But when the time comes to implement the knowledge in my business, I struggle and procrastinate. 

So that’s my goal for these books. I only listed six books because I want to take my time with each one. I want to read and learn something new, then take the time to try this new knowledge in my business. 

The Business Books I’m Reading this Summer

Follow the Feeling: Brand Building in a Noisy World by Kai D. Wright

I’m starting my book journey with Follow The Feeling by Kai D. Wright. So far, I am a few chapters in, and I’m loving this fresh take on branding that puts feelings first.

I will probably be finished by the end of June, and I look forward to going live on IG to talk about it!

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In Follow the Feeling, strategy advisor Kai D. Wright answers a critical question plaguing entrepreneurs, brand strategists, marketers, and leaders: how do you grow your brand in a noisy world? Analyzing 1,500 fast-growing companies from Alibaba to Zara, the Columbia University lecturer and Ogilvy global consulting partner unpacks five branding secrets. Starting with behavioral economic principles and ending with a new systems-based approach to brand building, Wright offers readers one metric that trumps the hundreds entangling brand value, feelings.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, and Stand Out from the Crowd by Allan Dib

In The 1-Page Marketing Plan, serial entrepreneur and rebellious marketer Allan Dib reveals a marketing implementation breakthrough that makes creating a marketing plan simple and fast. It’s literally a single page, divided up into nine squares. With it you’ll be able to map out your own sophisticated marketing plan and go from zero to marketing hero.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced entrepreneur, The 1-Page Marketing Plan is the easiest and fastest way to create a marketing plan that will propel your business growth.

Don’t Settle for Safe: Embracing the Uncomfortable to Become Unstoppable 

Popular speaker and author Sarah Jakes Roberts shows women they are not disqualified by their pain and failures and offers encouragement and strength to believe God’s best is still possible.

Rise and Grind: Outperform, Outwork and Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and Rewarding Life by Daymond John

In the anticipated follow-up to the bestselling The Power of Broke, Daymond takes an up close look at the hard-charging routines and winning secrets of individuals who have risen to the challenges in their lives and grinded their way to the very tops of their fields. Along the way, he also reveals how grit and persistence both helped him overcome the obstacles he has faced in life and ultimately fueled his success.

The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone 

With The 10X Rule, you’ll learn to establish the amount of effort needed to guarantee success and ensure that you can continue operating at this level throughout your life. Most people desire success and have great ideas but they come up short on the amount of action required to get their lives to the exceptional levels they deserve. 

Four degrees of action exist, and in order to achieve your dreams, you must learn to operate at the fourth degree of action: Massive Action. 

The 10X Rule will dissolve fear, increase your belief in yourself, eliminate procrastination, and provide you with an overwhelming sense of purpose. 

Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life by Barbara Stanny

In Secrets of Six-Figure Women, Barbara Stanny, journalist, motivational speaker, and financial educator, identifies the seven key strategies of female high earners: A Profit Motive, Audacity, Resilience, Encouragement, Self-Awareness, Non-attachment, and Financial Know-How.

Based on extensive research and hundreds of interviews, including more than 150 women whose annual earnings range from $100,000 to $7 million, Barbara Stanny turns each of the six-figure traits into a specific strategy for upping earnings. By rigorously fine-tuning them, readers can, step-by-step, climb the income ladder.

What books are on your business shelf this summer?

Steph Thorne



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