In my shopping travels this month, I have picked up some new faves to add to my beauty collection. Some of them I tried for the first time and fell in love instantly, while others are long-time favorites that I needed to restock for the new season.

I was out shopping this fall to restock on some favorites and get some new products for my regimen. Check out my favorite beauty products for October!

This change in the seasons was my perfect opportunity to clean out my beauty bag and update my skincare routine, and you know I look for any excuse to review a new product. So here are my top 5 new beauty favorites this October!

Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Serum

I picked up this face serum from TJ Maxx because I was looking for a way to add hyaluronic acid to my skincare regimen for Fall. This ingredient is known for holding intense moisture, and as the seasons change, my skin could use the boost.

Elle Magazine has a great article with more details about hyaluronic acid and how it helps your skin stay moisturized.

Red Aspen Luxe False Lashes in Miss

Ever since I learned how to apply false lashes properly, I have fallen in love with my glam makeup looks. These Red Aspen lashes are light and easy to apply, and they pop on quickly.

I suggest starting with either the silk lashes named Miss or the faux mink lashes called Priya, but really any of their styles will make you into a false lashes pro.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

I just started using this concealer about a week ago, and I am IN LOVE! Though the description calls this a contour concealer, I love using it for highlighting and covering dark circles under my eyes. 

The product comes in a thick tube with a doe foot applicator to make it easy to swipe under my eyes, then use my fingers to blend the product into my under eye area.

LimeLife by Alcone Skin Polish

There is nothing better than a great face mask, and good book, and a cup of tea to relax me after a long week. And during the cooler months, I switch from my usual clay mask to this exfoliating and moisturizing mask from LimeLife by Alcone. Skin Polish is made with jojoba beads to exfoliate and lemon to cleanse and even skintone.

I love this mask not only for its lemon scent, but also because it balances my skin, giving me a gentle glow.

White Barn 3-Wick Candle in Starry Night

While this isn’t necessarily a beauty product, I use this lightly scented candle to help me sleep. Starry sky smells soothing and relaxing to me, and I light it every evening as part of my bedtime routine. Once I got into the habit of it, the scent alone is enough to put me to sleep.

It took me awhile to master my bedtime routine, and I am still tweaking it, but here is the general schedule:

  • 8:00pm: My son’s bedtime routine (shower, PJs, story, bed)
  • 8:30-10:30pm: Blog Work (writing, research, podcast recording, etc.)
  • 10:30-11:00pm: Personal Development or Leisure Reading
  • 11:00pm: My bedtime routine:
    • Remove my makeup
    • Cleanse and moisturize my face
    • Turn on the crackling fire video
    • Light the Starry Night candle
    • Write a few pages in my free writing journal
    • Lights out and get in the bed!

And that’s it! I plan to use these products well into the winter months, and I will give you an update if I add anything else.

What are your favorite beauty products for Fall?


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